Dezman Investments CC has the solution to vastly reducing your electricity consumption costs of your enterprise through the installation of a rooftop grid tie photovoltaic solar system. We can install system sizes up to 500 KW on the roof of your apartment building, shopping mall, office building, etc. without requiring an IPP license application.

The way the system operates is simple. When the rooftop grid tie system produces electricity, which is anytime when there is daylight, it immediately contributes to slowing down the revenue class electricity consumption meter used to measure your grid electrical consumption. As the sun becomes stronger, the meter is slowed down to the point where, if your consumption is equal to that created by your solar system, the meter stops completely.

When your solar system produces more power than your business is consuming at any given moment, your meter will actually turn backwards allowing you to bank up electrical units to draw from when the sun stops shining such as in the evenings.

As the price of electricity increases, so do your savings!

The novelty of a grid tie solar PV system is that the higher the cost of electricity from your distribution grid, the more money you save. For example, if you budgetted N$5,000,000 to put up a grid tie PV system on the rooftoop of your shopping center, and are able to save N$1,000,000 per year in 2016; if the price of electricity increased by 40% in the nnext two years, you would save N$1,400,000 per year at the higher price of electricity. There is no way you can lose with this investment, unless you believe the electricity distribution grid will offer electricity for a vastly reduced price in the future.

Come and visit us at our office in Oshakati, or contact us by telephone or e-mail and our professional team of solar energy experts will help you in designing the right system for you!

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